Does a potato in the tailpipe still work to kill a vehicle?


“nothing lasts forever”

Because almost nobody has ever complained about his behaviour, he’ll assume it’s acceptable and normal. He might even think the neighbors like his antics

Why should he stop . . . ?

Some people never grow up

Since you’re going to give him a pass . . . the best thing for you would be if that jerk dumps his girlfriend, or GETS dumped. Then you will no longer encounter him


Oh yeah? Wait til he moves in with the daughter. Ha!



I like that picture . . .

But IMO if you tolerate that jerk’s behaviour and do nothing, then you have resigned yourself to being the loser.

I’m sorry, but I can’t think of a nicer way to say it

One thing’s for sure . . . that jerk is not tolerant. He is not respectful of you, or your neighborhood

And he’s got no reason to be, because there are no consequences to his actions

I think you’ve got it completely backwards

Your mentality seems to be . . . you and the entire neighborhood should respect this jerk’s behaviour

This is the way it should be . . . that jerk should be respectful of the neighborhood.

Suppose he DOES move into that house, with the girlfriend, as @TwinTurbo mentioned . . . ?!

Would you like to hear the noise multiple times a day, every day of the week?


It’s hunting season, so some deer attractant(or repellent) in the fresh air intake?


If I remember correctly, this is the second or third time you’ve made that point. How many more times are you going to try to turn this into a ####ing contest or a #### measuring contest?

We get it. You don’t believe in taking the high road.


I’ll make the point as many times as I like :neutral_face:

Feel free to criticize me as often as you liked

Last time I checked, it’s still a free country

That may soon change, but the new president doesn’t start their term for another few months

Taking the high road does NOT result in your inconsiderate neighbors suddenly realizing the error of their ways, apologizing and becoming model citizens



I like to pick my battles, and this one is not up to the level of risk reward ratio I am comfortable with. Sure I am the LOOOSER on this one, but the loss is not anything I am going to loose sleep over.


But you’re the one who brought up the situation with that guy’s exhaust noise, in the first place



Was looking for a passive agressive innocuous non confrentational response, like a potatoe in the exhaust, e.g. Thread title, see top of your browser.


Do you talk to your neighbors? I’m sure your not the only one complaining. You need a group effort for the police to get involved. Best to complain about it during a particular time of day where they can catch him. (on the way home from work?)

Hell, I went for a test drive in a 1997 2 door Tahoe back in 1999 and the prior owner had an exhaust so loud someone called the dealership to complain since I was accelerating from intersection stops on the back streets of a neighborhood nearby. When I came back, they asked me how well it accelerated! lol

I told them I wasn’t interested since the tranny was slipping.