Does a potato in the tailpipe still work to kill a vehicle?


A Thanksgiving dinner cooked by the car was also on Mythbusters!:grin:


So the truck did it again, probably a cutout nice noise sound but loud and offensive with backfires, and the mother came out of the house reading the riot act to him, wf mfer you f^%* stop doin that &^%$ in front of MY house. Hope it works :rage:


Mama’s wrath, better than police.


Not sure if it makes any difference, potato theory wise, but the car they used on Mythbusters IIRC wasn’t a modern fuel-injected econobox. I think it was a Lincoln Continental, or something like that. A land yacht. And likely was carb’ed. I have to say they really thrashed it good. But no matter what they did, it seemed like it idled at least just as well. A big carb’ed engine and an equally big diameter tailpipe might not be so easy to inflict symptoms with sugar in the gasoline or potatoes in the tailpipes as a smaller engine fuel injected car.


How old is this guy?

Is he married?

If so, doesn’t HIS wife get sick and tired of that noisey exhaust . . . ?!

Or is he just a dirtbag, through and through . . . ALL facets of his personality?

If the latter, good luck . . . you’re gonna need it :frowning2:


I think he is a friend of one of the ladies daughters, no real rhyme or reason to the timing of the visits. I am guessing under 25, but I would not do well for a carnival if I was the one guessing ages!


Our mechanic at work seems to deliberately make his Harley backfire as he rides off at the end of the day. I don’t bother complaining because I know he is doing it for attention. Besides, the boss does the same thing with his golf cart.


Oh, this jerk doesn’t even live in your street . . . ?!

In that case, I would make sure to verbally let him know how you, and all the rest of the neighborhood, feel about the unnecessary noise

How about this . . . next time he visits the daughters and makes his noise, wait a few minutes. Then you AND your wife both go over there, knock on the door and FIRMLY state your objections to the unnecessary noise. Ask him to tell you a GOOD reason why he does it. He’ll probably be stumbling all over himself, trying to come up with something. Hopefully the daughter will be ashamed, and will “convince” him to stop his shenanigans


Yeah, what could possibly go wrong? Shame that guy and force him to see the light! O_O
That always works. [/sarcasm]


Hee hee. It’s called an intervention where family and friends secretly gather to capture the poor unsuspecting guy when he gets home. Then they whisk him off to a re-education camp until he confesses and reforms. Our former pastor tried that a few times with some folks that had an alcohol problem. I always thought it was bazarr. Justification in the eyes of the beholder.


I do not imagine there would be an interventionist group that fits the bill! @bing , though that would be a scary thought, the implications are endless!

@db4960 I would prefer not to get in someones face at point blank range, Hoping the mother is all that is needed.

Reminds me of chasing rabbits in the wild, once they tuck their ears down, they are going to make a 90 degree turn, dive right or left to catch the critter, 50 50 chance of catching one bare handed. Prefer not to be the rabbit if the guy in the truck has a gun.


Well, if you don’t say anything or rat him out . . . don’t expect the problem to go away by itself

Likely, the guy will NOT change his behavior if nobody is saying anything

As long as nobody says anything, this jerk will assume his behavior is acceptable


As stated previously I think the mothers warning will be enough.


I wouldn’t hold my breath :wink:


Well, if the girlfriend’s mother doesn’t positively influence the abhorrent behavior, then the neighbor has little chance without some adder like being able and willing to crush him like a bug if he persists. Even if you’re unable or unwilling to go that far, using fear of the unknown can work in your favor…


OK, mother bitch out did not work,on arrival just now. It is mostly ignore and go on, but thinking of asking can you do that so I can video it and show my friends on the internet? (what a jerk you are!)


If you ask to video him, that jerk is going to misunderstand . . .

He’s going to think that means you actually approve of his noisey exhaust . . . !

Maybe if the guy’s own girlfriend shamed him

Don’t know how you’re going to pull that off . . .


When you’re facing a man-child, you might want to consider that he considers any attention a good outcome. Some puerile minds never matured past the point of enjoying attention - any attention at all - good or bad.

I don’t know what solution to recommend, but I’ll see if I can ask a friend who happens to be a behavioral analyst what she thinks. Try to think of the situation from Pavlov’s point of view. Have you seen or read A Clockwork Orange? It might be a good place to start.


In addition, when facing a man-child, the child side is often dominant and requires monitoring.

i.e., if you’re going to bang on the door and yell at him, you’d better have security cameras to catch him when he comes over and vandalizes your property.


My thought was he would want to show off, but it was just a thought, nothing lasts forever, I am going to let it go.