Does a 2005 New Jetta 2.5 have a timing belt or timing chain?

Hi, my new mechanic told me I need to change the timing belt of my 2005 Jetta 2.5 with 112,000 miles. When I called to other places to compare prices one VW dealership told me my car had a timing chain while another dealership said timing chain. Confused, I contacted VW of America via chat. At first the representative said it has a timing belt, when I asked to double check for a 2.5 engine the representative said it has a timing chain. Can you help me? I cannot find the information in the car manual. Thanks!

If there is no mention of a timing belt in the manual, there probably isn’t one. doesn’t list a timing belt for your car. Since the manual doesn’t mention one, I’d guess you have a chain. Fortune smiles upon you.

Well, it sounds funny but you may be able to see for yourself. If you see a plastic cover over one end of the engine and down lower, there would be a belt. If you see nothing but metal, it’s a chain. I don’t believe you have a belt because it isn’t mentioned in your manual.

So I googled it and it looks like there’s a chain. That’s only part of the answer. Some of the chains have failed early. Therefore, if you have lots of money you could have the chain replaced or just trade it or sell it. Of course that’s a bit of useless advice but I like new stuff as long as I’m not the person paying the bill.

I’ve never worked on one of these, so this is all hearsay, but from what I understand, it is a chain driven, but when you see the price to replace it you will wish it were belt driven.
I hear that they should be at least checked at around 120,000 miles. The early versions can have issues with the chains and/or the guides.

Again, from my understanding of these engines: the chains (2 of them) are in the back of the engine, and it all has to be pulled out to get at it. This won’t be cheap.


No Timing Belt on the 2.5

Back? It’s a transverse motor? Left or right?