Timing chain

with 85,000 miles on the clock, I have been advised by a local mechanic to replace the timing chain as a preventative maintenance measure . Please comment

Preventive Maintenance Measure ? To Prevent What, The Dealer Running Out Of Cash ? Timing Chains Don’t Have A Maintenance Interval. If You’ve Got A Timing Belt Then That’s A Different Story.

What is the vehicle’s model-year and which engine is in this vehicle ?


What year is the beetle and which engine does it have? I’m guessing that it has a timing belt instead of a timing chain (Gates shows belt for 2005 VW Beetle 1.8) and if it really hasn’t been changed it would be a good idea to do so.

What year is this car?? As everyone else has said…it’s probably a timing BELT. If it were a chain…they don’t need to be changed for another 170k miles.

Timing belts these days have a life span of 100k miles or 7 years. You’re not near the 100k mile mark, but how close are you on years???

No reason unless there is a problem with rail or tensioner to even touch it! I think it’s a belt through 06. I could be wrong. If it’s a belt it’s not a bad idea.

its a 2000 VW Beetle, GLX,turbo assisted gasoline engine.Not sure whether it has a belt or chain drive. Apologies for the insufficient info

its a 2000 VW Beetle, GLX,with turbo assisted gasoline, 1.8L engine.

That vehicle does in fact have a belt and if it’s never been changed then it’s 10 years old and should’ve probably been changed about 3 years ago. I would change it ASAP if I were you as this vehicle is also listed as having an interference engine, meaning when the belt breaks it’s gonna do some damage. Expensive damage.

Its a 2000 VW Beetle GLX with 1.8L, turbo assisted gasoline engine. Belt or Chain…don’t know.

The OP WISHES it had a timing chain…

More info…this is a 2000 VW Beetle GLX, with turbo assisted gasoline engine. Belt vs chain…don’t know .

Belt…but check yourself…http://www.gates.com/part_locator/index.cfm?go=part_locator