Dodge Wiper Adjustment?

My driver-side wiper only goes about six inches up (after getting off-cycle when clearing ice). Is there some way to adjust this or fix short of replacing something expensive?

You should be able to re-position the arm on the wiper shaft. Some arms have nuts holding them on, and some have other types of fasteners. I don’t know how the Dodge wiper arms are fastened to the shaft, but you should be able to loosen the arm, put it back in position, and tighten it.

We should always remove all ice to free wipers before turning them on.
Yes the one out of position can be repositioned by removing the arm and get it in time with the other one.

I have a Dodge van and yes you can reposition the arm, as some have said, BUT I am afraid that you have bent ot damaged something.

Thanks for your response.

What we "should do"and what we can do outside in an ice storm/blizzard at night are not always the same. I know I’ve had worse iced windshield conditions in my 38 years driving cars which did not result in this particular dilemma. But when the blizzard abates in a couple of days, I hope to be able to get the wipers back in sync–perhaps with help from the Dodge garage… Thanks for your response.