Dodge van won't start

My son was driving our 1992 Dodge B350 van

(5.9l v8)when it began to exhibit the classic symptoms of a failing alternator. All power faded out and he coasted into a parking lot about 9 miles from our house. Battery (bought new 1 month ago) was completely drained. Alternator is 2 years old, bought new from autozone. New coil, plugs and wires installed this past spring.

Anway, I assumed the problem was the alternator, so I brought the battery home

and put it on my charger and brought battery back to full charge. We reinstalled the battery, hoping we could at least get the van back home to work on.

Well, we reinstalled the battery, and it cranks the engine fine. But the engine will neither fire or start. I checked for spark and I am not getting any. I do hear the fuel pump (gas tank is half full) hum before start so I assume I have fuel but I don’t know for sure if fuel is getting to the injector.

I did get the van towed back to my house today.

Any ideas on things to check/try would be to figure out the non-start problem would be most appraciated.

I would use starting fluid,if it starts you are not getting fuel