Dodge B350 Van Starting Problem

Re: 1992 Dodge B350 Van with 5.9L engine with automatic transmission

Usually the van starts and runs fine. But every once in a while (and this seems completely random) when you turn the key nothing happens. There just does not seem to be any power delivered to the van’s systems at all. I have checked the battery charge level which is fine. When the van refuses to start nothing works - the headlights, the dome light, the clock, nothing - in any key position. (Normally the headlights will turn on even with the key in the off position.)

The battery terminal and connections are clean and tight. The negative battery cable is relatively new (about two years old) and its contact point on the engine block is clean.

The van will start after repeated attempts.

Any suggestions as to what I can check?

On a separate note, I am trying to find a replacement rear latch for the sliding door on this vehicle. I’ve tried online junk yard searches. I tried calling my local junk yards. No one has one. Any ideas on where I can get this part?

You’ll just have to follow the power wire from the battery, to the power distribution box, and on toward the fuse box. Disconnect, and reconnect each cable along the way.

OK will do, & I’ll report back. Thanks!

Well, I think I am getting “warm”. When the van refuses to start, opening the hood and wiggling the wires connected to the positive battery terminal will enable the van to energize its systems and start. Get the wires in the right position, you see the dome light go on, then you know you can go into the van and start it. I think I’ll take that clamp off the battery terminal and make sure all the wires going into it are clean and well-connected.