Dodge Van Used Part Search help Needed

Hey if anybody can give me some ideas/leads on this part I am searching for I would REALLY appreciate it.

I have been (online and phone-line) searching junkyards for the rear sliding door latch (click link below for diagram) for a 1992 Dodge B350 van (5.9 liter engine, auto trans, manual door locks). Note that this is the REAR latch on the sliding door, not the latch where the handle is. So far I can’t find it anywhere.

But I HAVE to believe that the part HAS to be somehwhere, hidden in one of the thousands of junkyards across the fruited plain.

Anyone have any ideas as to where I might find this? I know I can get one at the dealer, but that is $220.00. I’d sure like to pay a lot less for it if possible by getting it used.

ANY ideas would be most appreciated.