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Dodge Van stumbles

My Van has a slight stumble when I am going along between 25 and 55 mph and just barely touch the gas. Little more than touch the gas and it stops, full acceleration and it runs great…

What year is it? Mileage? Other than new plugs/wires & TC cleaning what has been done?

Give it new fuel & air filters. Check the fuel pressure. We can only guess about the ignition system since we don’t know the year. But its probably got a coil pack. I would check it out as well.

I got nothin. I only try to dodge those minivans. I usually want to suggest that you check the intake ducting between the “carb” body and the MAF sensor. In other words, make sure it isn’t loose at the throttle body. Make sure the hot air duct/tube/pipe isn’t open or damaged from the exhaust manifold to the air filter box. I don’t see how the average dude can even find this stuff with all the junk in the way.

2005, air filter has 5,000 miles

Does this have a MAF? Or does it have a MAP sensor instead?

I’m pretty sure that these are MAP only. I’d try to help more but if the OP only has time to type 5 more words I figure I’ve done what I can.