Dodge Sprinter with oil leak

I have a 03 Dodge Sprinter 2.7l TD with a oil leak on the pass side of the engen and in to the air intake sys. It started when i was gitting on the freeway, had a loss of power and lots of smoke pulled over and shut down found almost all oil was out of moter and all over truck. I thought it was the turbo and replaced, cleaned the air intake. I restarted the truck and no oil after running to clean oil from moter test drove in field. After a short time it did it again dumped almost all oil from the moter, but this time it looks like it might be cumming from the crank case vent. It connects to the air intake just befor the turbo, and is connected to the top of the head? Aney ideas

Serious blowby of combustion gas pressurizing crankcase. Maybe one or more cracked piston rings. Do a compression test.