Dodge Sprinter oil consumption



My 2008 Dodge Sprinter with 26,000 miles has consumed a quart of oil every 2,500 miles. It’s a 6 cylinder turbo diesel. I’ve had it checked out by 2 Sprinter dealers, both said it’s not burning oil, not dripping and not going into the turbo. Chrysler USA says that amount of oil consumption is not unusual. I think it is… any ideas?


There have been numerous posts on oil consumption, My take after all of those is that it is not out of the realm of normal, but if you change you oil every 3k and check it in the interim, there is not much else you can do.


It appears changes to engine design in modern cars tends to allow a wide range of oil usage as normal. So far I have yet to see any evidence that it is any indication of a defect or excessive wear. A search of older messages will prove it is not unusual.


This sounds like a pretty normal rate of oil consumption to me.

Desirable? No
Within normal limits? Absolutely