Dodge Ram 1500 gas cap and c e l light

I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 V8 that the gas cap and check engine lights will not stay off. The gas cap was replaced with a factory gas cap. Smoke and vacuum checks showed no leaks. The lights can be reset but after a couple of days first the gas cap then the check engine lights come back on. Taking it to the dealer will cost $90.00 just to look at it. Disconnecting the battery did not help either. Any suggestions?

Many Major National Auto Parts Stores Will Read Your Engine Codes For Free In Their Parking Lot. Get Them Read And Write Them Down. Post Them Here.

I will say that if you’ve got a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) P0456 (EVAP system small leak) and your truck was built on or between 01/26/07 and 06/18/07 then the condition could be caused by loose charcoal from a Fuel Vapor Canister.

A sticker on your driver’s door or door opening should have a mfg. (manufacture) date month/year. You can see if it is possibly within the range given.

Dodge/Jeep published a 3 page TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) #25-003-07, pertaining to 2007 Ram Truck, Durango/Aspen, Grand Cherokee, and Commander vehicles, to help their technicans diagnose and repair these vehicles.

There is a flow chart and procedures given in the bulletin, including a flow and smoke test.
The fix for vehicles that require it is a new (revised part ?) EVAP Fuel Vapor Canister, EVAP fresh air hose, and EVAP fresh air filter. Part numbers are listed (different for 26 gallon tank or 34/35 gallon tank).

Get us the code(s). Check the mfg. date.
Who did your smoke test and vacuum checks ?


un hooking the battery does not shut off the cel you need a scan tool to do that

Most evap codes on Chryslers can be fixed by repairing cracked evap hose(s). Look over all the evap hoses closely and i’ll bet you find one with a crack.