Dodge neon 1996 steering noise locking


I was going to sell my car to a friend but before that I wanted to fix a steering issue.

The Car’s steering makes a loud (Krrrrr) noise whenever I reverse my car from parking lot. when I turn the wheel again to straighten the car - I get lot of resistance (as if steering is locked)…oil level is correct. any suggestions as to what the problem maybe and is it even worth fixing it ? (my friend says that he would be using the car for short distances only).

Thanks !!

anybody with any answers …will appreciate the same !!

The steering system is called a “Rack and pinion.” Basically it is upper and lower teath (Rack) with a gear (Pinion) in the middle. The steering wheel eventually moves the pinion which moves the teath, which moves the tires. When the rack and pinion gets worn out the tires will make the rack become slightly misaligned with the pinion - teath of the rack meeting with the teath on the pinion. The only cure is to have the system replaced. Rack and pinions aren’t real expensive, but the labor to get to the system is expensive.

Beefy Norm …Thanks for your reply !!