Dodge intrepid brakes excessive wear


I have a 1996 Dodge intrepid with 96,000 miles on it. I aquired it when it had 57,000 miles on it a little less than 2 years ago. I have replaced brakes in it 4 times now. first 2 times with ceramic pads the last 2 times with midgrade semi matallic pads. the most recent time being 2 weeks ago. on the left side Ive put 2 calipers and 3 rotors. for reasons unknown to me the pads on the drivers side wears out much faster despite replacing calipers and rotors. while the passenger is hardly worn at the time the pads on the drivers side is worn thru to being metal to metal. when the brakes are new the car brakes just fine with no pull in either direction, with good pedal hight and no brake drag. anyone got any ideas what could be causing this and what I can do to have my brakes wear in a more reasonable fashion. by the way it isnt the driver, the car I had before for 7+ years a 81 olds fullsize wagon would wear evenly and takee 40,000 miles to wearout organic pads and wear them much more evenly also, so Im kinda desparate to get my intrepid’s brake problems solved because its draining me money wise. thankyou.


I think you have a bad master cylinder. Most brake systems use an X pattern now, that is one chamber provides pressure to the right front and left rear while the other feeds the left front and right rear. For some reason, in newer cars, when one brake is doing most of the work, it doesn’t pull to that side like it did in older cars.

If you have ABS, it could also be in the ABS system.


I thought you’d get a few more comments when I bumped this with my first reply. I was curious if anyone else had any suggestions.