Dodge durango


my parents durango starts good in cold weather but in warm weather it starts with 2 tries. what could be the cause for this?



sorry. its a 1999 dodge durango 5.2 V-8. i didnt know if any of this information was needed


It may be the fuel mixture is a little rich. There could be several causes: the fuel injectors drip a little after the engine is shut off; the coolant temperature sensor is indicating colder than actual, so the computer orders more fuel; dirty air filter; dirty MAF, air intake track, iac (idle air control valve), dirty throttle valve. ----- Use an MAF cleaner, an intake track cleaner, do a resistance and voltage check on the iac (instructions in the Haynes). Try starting the engine with the gas pedal all the way to the floor for a couple of seconds, then, let up. If this action improves the start, it shows an excessively rich condition (causes listed above).