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Dodge Death Wobble Treasure Hunt

I know this is getting to be an old topic, but my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 has recently developed the “Death Wobble”. I have had: shocks, stabilizer shock, ball joints, track bar bushings, wheel hub assemblies, and the top tie rod to the pitman arm, and while we were at it, front u joints, all replaced. I have had the tires rotated and balanced, and the front end has been aligned twice. The steering box doesn’t appear to have any play in it, and repeated long visual inspections by myself, two back yard mechanic buddies, and of course my real mechanic have yielded nothing. Everything seems tight and quiet, until I hit a bump at speed. I am out about $1,500 so far, but this truck is in too good of a condition otherwise to give up on it. Any ideas? Thanks,

I have seen varios solutions, start here and google on.

There is a steering linkage supersedence/upgrade to address this problem.

Refer to TSB 22-005-06.

Here is a link showing the new parts;

This link shows the difference between old and new steering link assemblies;

Honestly, I had a 97 Dodge 2500 and had the exact same problem. I as well did about $1000 worth of front end parts, alignment, etc. etc. etc. The ONLY way I could get it to stop was to put wider tires on it. I got the truck from my dad when he bought a new pickup, just because of this problem. He had tall, skinny tires on it. My local mechanic had a 1 ton Cummins, same year, and he too had the problem. Didn’t believe me that the problem was fixed until he saw ir for himself. Personally called and thanked me for the “hint”. Not saying 100 percent for sure that this is your problem, but there’s 2 trucks out there in the world that were living proof of it. Check the door jam to see what the manufacturers call for tire size. If they are anything but what is says on the door tag, change them back to what the manufacturer says. What else have you got to lose? Let me know how you make out.