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Dodge dart problem

So the bushing on the shifter cable came off. i took out my battery and the battery tray to get to it, turns out the bushing was completely destroyed. i replaced it. put everything back where it went, triple, quadruple, quintuple checked every screw, every connection but there is absolutely zero power to anything in the car it won’t crank, nothing. i went to have my battery tested and it was dead so i bought a new battery, put it in and tested it it works but there is still zero power and i don’t know what the issue is. i didn’t touch the alternator. i just took out the battery, battery tray, and the silver thing computer? that is attached to the battery tray and i connected everything and checked so many times but nothing is happening. does anyone know what the problem could be?

I would help a lot if you tell us what the car is… says Dodge Dart but that could be a 2007 or a 1967.

If you don’t own a volt-ohm meter, go buy one, they are cheap. Check the voltage at the battery, at the end of the red cable. 12.6 volts or so? Check the resistance of the ground cable. Go battery to bare metal on the engine. should be nearly 0 ohms. Post back.

2016 dodge dart sxt 2.0 and i used a test light and checked every connection to the battery and the light came on

As @Mustangman said you need a volt-ohmmeter for this

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agree with @Mustangman and @old_mopar_guy. A test light isn’t going to give you enough information. Pick up a volt-ohmmeter, they aren’t expensive and have a multitude of uses


okay i’ll pick one up. my worst fear is that i messed something up with the silver thing on the side of the battery tray(sorry i don’t know what is it) image

Looks like the engine’s computer. Check to make sure the connector is fully seated.

Additional thought… Why was the battery dead? What did you do to drain it? Did the battery not even light your test light??

Is it possible you installed the original battery backwards and that drained it?

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so when the shifter cable came off the car was in drive and to take out the keys the car needs to be in park so the keys were stuck in accessory mode. the battery was fine before the cable came off but when i went to put the original in nothing happened i took it to advance auto to test the battery and it was completely dead.

Have you checked ALL the fuses under the hood? especially the maxi fuses

i’m picking up a voltohmeter now and what are maxi fuses?

Make sure the terminal-battery fuse isn’t blown.

It’s the 200 amp fuse you see in the image.



There is a recall for this problem on your car. This is a lot of trouble for a problem that would have been fixed for free at the dealer.

Do you have the recall number?

These are the only recalls I can find on the 2016 Dodge Dart.


Recall # 19V293000

the shift cable and bushing is not the problem right now i said i already fixed that i replaced it. and i bought a multimeter and tested every fuse and they are all good

i don’t know how to test the terminal battery fuse

Take the test light and probe one nut for the fuse. The left nut in the image.

If it lights, that’s the battery side for the fuse.

Now probe the other nut for the fuse. The right nut in the image.

If it doesn’t light, the fuse is blown.


i assume the battery has to be connected and everything?


How do you expect the test light to light without voltage?


no light