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Dodge dart gt 2015 hard shifting?

Took it to the dealership today and had them check out everything. The guy said that there’s is a solenoid the shifter that is supposed to help those new to stick shift from slipping gears. He also said that the car itself is in excellent shape and was actually a little jealous of the deal I got, especially since you don’t see too many manual transmission darts around.

It’s likely under dodge warranty visit that dealer. Your clutch master cylinder or relate parts may be leaking fluid, that was the sole problem I had with a 95 civic one year latter from new in 225k miles.

I have been eying the manual Darts myself, only a bit worried about Fiat Chrysler. But what an idiotic design flaw; why would you assume people who buy sticks, don’t know how to drive it and what about when they learn to drive manuals, should they sell the Dart and move on?!

gallant: The “wonderful” Clutch Delay Valve (CDV). Calling it an idiotic design is being far to kind! When I picked up my 2010 Kia Forte SX 2.4L 6 speed M/T which the dealer had to locate and transport 200 miles I immediately stalled it in the parking lot. I assumed I had accidently tried to start in third gear. When I stalled it 3 more times on the way home I was quite confused/frustrated! I found and joined the Forte Forums where there were many complaints regarding the CDV and information on how to deactivate it (easy to do on the 5 speed but on my 6 speed it was internal) which of course would void the warranty. The purpose of the CDV as posted was to make it easier for customers who did not know how to drive a M/T. What? You need to be instructed and learn to drive a M/T! When I was 13 years old my Father taught me to drive a M/T in less than 10 minutes. Apparently customers who did not have this skill were buying the least expensive Fortes and not wanting to pay $1,000 extra for an A/T. Why would they think buyers of the SX sport model insisting on a M/T need something like this? I would have paid extra for the M/T! I knew I was stuck with this less than useless device. It took me about 3 weeks to overcome 44 years of muscle memory and learn to operate it! The only good news is I can still drive a normal M/T.

Okay, so it is not Dodge only (Fiat!), if Kia has this feature too, then probably a few others have it too. Since I am always looking for a stick shift fun car for my daily driver, maybe I need a list of all cars that have this Clutch Delay Valve.