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2017 Dodge Caravan - is the hard shift normal?

Ever since we got the car, it usually hard shifts into reverse or when accelerating slowly. The hard shifting usually stops after driving for awhile. But it will do it again when shifting in reverse, theres a hard shift and clunk sound. And that’s with the econ button on. When the econ button is off, our grand caravan doesnt hard shift as it does when the econ button is on. The dealership said that its normal. But I dont think it is. Because this is the first time I’ve had an automatic car do this. What do you guys think?

If it’s still under factory warranty, take it back to the dealer. Get a piece of paper from them saying this is “normal”.

If out of warranty, I’d check the transmission fluid and possibly take it to an independent transmission shop.

To my mind, the only thing “normal” about hard shifts is that “normally” indicates a problem with the transmission.

Yeah it’s still under warranty I think, we’ve been driving it for a year now , and it still bothers me. But I’ll go down and do just that , thanks.

Go back to the dealership and tell them you want to drive another Caravan with the same drive train. That will prove whether “they all do that.” I’m betting they don’t.

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I have a 2016 Caravan and it shifts a bit harder than I am used to. The econ mode keeps you in a higher gear longer, I only use it on freeway driving, I found it annoying espically in stop and go driving. Otherwise I really like the van. I can switch from hauling grandkids / car seats to drywall in about 30 minutes. I find it comfortable and as long as I am not driving aggressively the transmission does not shift too hard.

Ask your shop to verify the engine idle rpm is correct. This is front wheel drive only right? Not all-wheel drive?