Dodge Dakota

This may not be the correct forum to post this question but here goes anyway… I’m thinking of buying a Dodge Dakota (V8). My boyfriend recalls hearing a few negative things about that particular truck off and on through the years. The complaints weren’t on any specific year (this one is a 2002), but on the V8 in particular. He isn’t sure, but he thinks the complaints were to do with the engine. Anyway, anyone heard anything negative about this truck? Your answers would be greatly appreciated!

My wife liked the looks of this SUV, and we looked into getting one. If it has the ‘magnum’ engine, this is basically an upgraded version of the classic Chrysler 318 engine that is very durable and very strong.

However, these truck are WAY overweight, and the gas mileage SUX for the size of truck it is. The highway mileage for all engine options are 18 mpg and less. City mileage is basically just above 10 mpg. Combined is just around 14 mpg. That is the reason I passed on it. Liked the style, hated the substance.

I had a dakota before, they are really hard on gas. I didn’t like the abs either. But, they can do a lot of hauling for a smaller truck. With gas prices like they are I’d go for a ford ranger 1/4 ton, or if you need the heavier truck, might as well get a 1/2 ton.