Dodge Dakota manual transmission


My 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport is v-6 with manual 5-speed transmission. New clutch and I just had transmission rebuilt but it still “pops out” of first gear when starting from a dead stop. Not all the time and it is more frequent when greater acceleration is applied. Mechanic tees me that motor mounts and shifting forks look good. Help!!!

Any suggestions as to the problem or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bob


Somebody will have to open it up and take a look.


Since I assume that 1st gear is the only problem I don’t think it is related to a missing detent ball or weak spring.

Jumping out of gear can be caused by a worn shift fork, worn synchronizer hub/sleeve assembly, improper end play in the mainshaft or countershaft, etc.

No way for me to know but if they charged you for a trans rebuild then any issues related to worn parts or improper end play on a shaft falls back on the shop.
It may be re-do time, on their dime.

Manual transmission parts are usually pretty pricy. Doing a proper rebuild means that you should have been billed for bearings, gasket/seal set, synchronizers, inserts, at the very least and possibly shift forks or gear sets, all depending.

Is the bill broken down into labor and a separate listing for parts? If not, I’m always a bit leery about those kinds of tickets.


Thank you.

The rebuild was done by a very competent shop. My assumption at this point is that the problem is something outside of that work. I intend to go back and talk with them.

Thanks again Bob