Dodge code P0517

i have a code P0517 on a dodge neon 2003 what does that mean


As Tester linked, code P0517 is ‘battery temperature sensor high’. Now you have to find out if the battery is or isn’t running too hot. If you been having slower starting recently, a cell may be dead in the battery. When a battery with a dead cell is being charged too much current will flow and the battery will overheat. So measure the battery voltage 1 hour after the engine has been running. If it is less than 12.5 volts DC, have the battery checked. If that battery is indeed healthy and not overheating, check the calibration of the sensor. You will have to get the temperature vs. resistance values from the service manual, the dealer, or maybe a parts store.

Good luck on this.

how do i check the calibration of the sensor. is it hard to do…my car starts up fine no problem, can autozone check my battery…

also i have htis other code p0441 i replaced the fuel cap and the canister purge solinoid


no diag,just parts,interesting.

and no autozone does not have a smoke machine.

batt test,well thats a matter of opinion,10.00 an hour is what dudes that drop fries at Mcdonalds get paid,so ponder on that for a moment,guys that fix and diag codes,get a few more dollars than that norm.

well i fixed the 517 code i replaced the sensor for that so i dont have the engine light on

also i tuned up my car
bosch platinum plugs
bosch spark plug wires
k-n-air filter
oil change,tranny fluid full flush change.
wondering is there anyhting else in a tune up i need to do
it was cheaper when i did it
not sure why it more when i take it too a shop, any idea