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Dodge charger 2007 Heater problem

Hi there, my dodge charger 3.5L 2007 model have heater problem, The heat blows out cold air.
can any one help me fix this problem? anyone faced similer issue.

also i have checked the heater hose. one heater hose is hot and another one is warm what is the problem?

There could be a problem with the temperature controller, or the vent door of the air box. Make sure the coolant is full and doesn’t have an air pocket in it.

temperature controller & vent door is fine,not sure, if there is heater core problem.

How do you know the temp controller and vent door are fine? It actually wouldn’t be the vent door so much as the blend door.

Did you check the coolant level? This is a classic symptom of low coolant.

The heater return hose on this vehicle connects to the engine oil cooler. I think you’ll find the coolant flow is restricted inside the oil cooler, these are good at collecting sediment. The engine oil cooler is located above the oil filter, remove the coolant hoses and inspect for white sediment.

If the oil cooler is plugged replace the coolant and the oil cooler.

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i have check and removed both heater hose from firewall and found out there is no coolant flow from heater hose. not sure what is the issue? car temperature is normal.

I don’t think this car has any heater control valve. So it sounds like a classic case of a clogged heater core. You can try flushing it out to see if you can get it to flow. If you can’t then it means a heater core replacement.

But please clarify what you did. You said you removed the hoses at the firewall - but then said there is no flow from the heater hose. Did you mean there is no outflow from the cooler? Or no flow on the outlet hose?

i have remove both heater hose without draining coolant and there was no coolant in the both hoses and while both hoses open i start the car and no flow from inlet hose.

I’m still not following you. IF, as you reported above, at least one of your heater hoses gets hot; AND if your coolant is NOT low; AND if you remove a heater hose, coolant will come out of the core and the hose. AND IF you start the car with the heater hoses off you will have a geyser - unless your water pump is completely dead. So if what you are reporting is correct you are a) low on coolant; and b) have a dead water pump. But then your car would also be overheating all of the time.

Honestly, it doesn’t really sound to me like you are all that well equipped to look into this. Perhaps you just need to take it into a shop to have someone look at it.

If there is no coolant in the hoses the cooling system is not full.
When you check for flow remove the cooling system cap to allow air in so that coolant can be pumped out.

Yes, this could be that there is air in the cooling system that hasn’t been bled properly. Or the cooling system is just low on coolant. OP, have you checked the radiator to see if it is full?

dealer said need to replace Oil cooler Assy?


The oil cooler assembly should have nothing to do with you lack of heat problem

Can you please quote exactly what the dealership proposes to do?


I stated that what the dealer told you doesn’t make sense

Why are you disagreeing with me?

If I remember correctly, the coolant flow on this car/engine goes out of the engine, into the heater, out of the heater, into the oil cooler, out of the cooler and back to the engine or radiator. I also seem to remember a bulletin or note about the engine oil cooler plugging with debris, which would result in low coolant flow through both the cooler and heater core. It would be like putting a pair of pinch pliers on the return hose from the core. Your’e stopping the flow, so less heat.


Thank you for that description of the coolant system on OP’s car

As for the debris, where exactly is it coming from?

White flakes, aluminum corrosion.

Poor quality coolant was used in some 2006-2007 LX cars. There was a service action to replace the coolant in certain 2006 and 2007 6.1L LX vehicles (Charger, Magnum and 300).

There was a Tech Tip for 3.5L LX vehicles to replace the coolant if the oil cooler was found to be plugged.

can we service or repair oil cooler?

Did you ever get this repaired? Mine is doing the same thing. My mechanic said the thermostat is fine and suggested I take it back to the dealer. I purchased this car new and the dealer is the only place it has had anything done until I decided to have my local mechanic check it this time.
This started in the spring and I didn’t get it fixed and now it is getting cold again. When it first started it would be fine while driving and when stopped it would blow cold. Now it blows cold all the time. Thanks. Grateful for any information.