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2010 Challenger heating trouble

Hello I have a question about my 2010 Dodge Challenger with no heat. Can you please help me. It’s been 2 long winters with no heat. And I’ve tried everything.

Have you taken it to either a dealership or independent mechanic?

Yea I have a 2010 Dodge Challenger 3.6 L and I’ve been without heat for almost 2 winters. I’ve had the heater core replaced, a new thermostat, coolant flush, everything you can name. It’s not the blend door actuators or anything like that. The last shop I took it to told me it could be the engine oil cooler. I was just wondering was this an accurate assumption that the engine oil cooler may be the issue with the heat. I just don’t wanna waste another couple hundred at the shop and nothing’s fixed.

I cannot think of any scenario under which a bad oil cooler would affect your heat.

The return hose from the heater core goes to the oil cooler, if the coolant passage though the oil cooler is plugged, no coolant flow.

I saw a few plugged oil coolers on 2006 to 2008 3.5 L engines when I worked at the dealer. Back then there was a service action to replace the coolant in certain 3.5 L and 6.1 L engines because of a supplier problem with the coolant, no anti-corrosion additive. The result of the bad coolant was a lot of aluminum flakes clogging the oil cooler. Your 2010 Dodge may have had poor quality coolant in the engine.


Thank you so much. So you think replacing the engine oil cooler may solve my heat problems? And what coolant do you recommend for the 3.6 L dodges.

hot coolant goes thru heater core and is cooled. and than it goes to oil cooler. and back into block? i would believe there is a bypass prior to this circuitous route. would be nice if you could put a temp probe on heater core in/out hoses. to see what temps were.
even cool coolant from oil cooler feeding back to block will be warmed before it exits motor and goes into heater core. after 2 yrs, i would have removed oil cooler loop.