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Dodge Challenger Radiator Leak

Hello all,

I have a 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T, V8, automatic, approx 146K miles.

This evening I noticed a small antifreeze leak. It’s coming from the upper right of the radiator, just above the upper radiator hose (passenger side). It’s not the hose leaking; the leak is clearly coming from around some component just above and slightly to the right of the radiator hose. Looking at various diagrams, I can’t seem to find what part this is. When the engine is running, though, there is definitely a small/slow coolant leak coming from around the component. It’s in an odd spot, so I can’t get a picture of it. Honestly, it looks to me like some kind of plug in electronic sensor or device.

Can anyone tell me what this component might be? I’m hoping it’s not part of the radiator itself…

It may not matter… but I did just recently have the transmission fluid changed, I assume through the cooling lines. But I believe those lines are on the other side of the radiator.


My wag, you have plastic up there that has failed on the radiator, new radiator my guess. Maybe if you are really lucky it is only a cap.

Why are you so worried about it being the radiator itself? They are relatively inexpensive and not very difficult to change.

Just worried about the unexpected repair cost.

Here’s a picture of the leak (yellow circle)

The plastic radiator tank is likely cracked. The component above the leak looks like the mounting bracket.