Dodge Caliber - Gas Tank Fueling Issue - Keeps clicking off! Won't accept fuel

So, I’ve already had my handy boyfriend look at the system AS WELL as a mechanic. The hoses are not kinked, they blew out all of the lines with high pressure air, but it still won’t let me pump fuel. What is going on?? 2007 Dodge Caliber.

I have this same problem occasionally at different pumps. My solution has been to pull the nozzle out about an inch or two, and that seems to fix the problem most of the time. My own theory is that the gas stations that show this problem are very lax in the maintenance of their vapor recovery systems, and pulling the nozzle out a couple of inches allows for the air in the tank to evacuate past the pump seal like the old days.

@BustedKnuckles is right. Gas pump pressures are different in most areas. The first time I hear the “click” I know it’s time to adjust the fuel nozzle…especially on my Dodge Dakota. I have one pump in my local area where I can jam the nozzle all the way in but it takes twice as long to fuel my truck than anywhere else. I’ve done this for years with many different vehicles.

My Jeep Compass occasionally has this issue, and I have to pull the nozzle out an inch or so. My Compass is a Caliber with a Jeep badge on it. Try it, and then you too can pump gas while wondering if the pump will click off before it overflows.

I agree with the above posters. When this happens to me, I go to a diferent pump. Pump maintenance or lack thereof is often the cause of this.

The Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system isn’t allowing the gas tank to vent as gas is being introduce into the gas tank.

If all the hoses were blown clear, then the next thing to check is if the carbon canister is restricted.


+1 to Tester’s post.

There is a diaphragmatic valve that allows the air in your tank to vent through the charcoal canister when you fill the tank. It’s entirely possible that either this vent valve is malfunctioning, or that that vent line is plugged. This may or may not store a fault code. And you cannot blow that line out externally.

To really resolve this, I think someone will need to pull the pump assembly. I don’t know how the Caliber is configured, but access to the pump assembly (which drops into the top of the tank) is usually pretty good on today’s vehicles. Often it’s under the rear seat bottom.

I suggested checking the carbon canister because the refueling recirculation valve is part of the carbon canister.


I Agree.
Besides which, the carbon bed could be saturated.

The first thing to do is try a few different brand gas stations

If the problem exists at every pump and at every brand gas station, it’s time to get the evap system diagnosed professionally

There are a few gas stations in my area (not all cheap, by the way) that won’t allow me to fill up at a regular rate, because they keep clicking off. I’ve learned to avoid these particular stations.