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Water in gas? 2003 Avalanche

Truck started running rough and had a major loss of power a few miles after filling up. Tank still had about 4 gallons before fillup. Check engine light came on with a random misfire code.

It could have been a problem at the station. I once had a major station fill my tank with water, due to a leak they had in their vent system. I ended up a quart or two floating on top of five gallons (7 gallon tank) I got about a mile and a half before it stopped. That was further than any of the others cars got. The problem was discovered within an hour of the first car getting the bad fuel. Call the station and see if they have had other reports.

Why do you think it was the fuel?  If it was certainly there would have been a number of cars with the same problem.

Called the station after getting back home. Sounded like they knew there was a problem. They did not admit as much but sure sounded like they had already had some people call them. Weird thing is truck was running perfect before this fillup. Now running rough and not hardly enough power to pull itself up a hill. Gonna drain tank this afternoon. There goes 30 gallons of gas!!!

A station in our fair city had bad gas and paid for all repairs to the affected vehicles. Don’t forget to change the fuel filter if you do it yourself, but in my book if they caused a problem they fix it.