Any new puzzler winners out there?

We all know the boys retired >1 year ago and the show is in rerun, in a sort of a perpetual motion. But the puzzlers? They continue to solicit entries in 2014 for puzzlers that originally ran many years ago (witness that recently the winners have won $25, as opposed to the more recent inflation-adjusted $26).

My question is, are there any new winners in 2014? The names announced by Tom are those from years ago. But when I look at the puzzler solution on-line, the same winner’s name is listed there.

What about us in 2014? If there are no longer new winners, that certainly adds a new level to the phrase “puzzler bogosity.”

Try submitting an answer maybe, see what the reply says.

We do indeed pick a new winner each week, just FYI…

All Best,

Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey