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Do Ranger and Explorers use same wheels?

Hi there,

I am trying to find used rims for my Mazda b2300 pickup. Not a common truck around here, but the ford ranger is more common. in the salvage yard, my choices come off of a ranger and an explorer. I was told, in the lovably gruff not inviting questions way, by the salvage yard guy that the ranger and explorer use the same wheels. Can I get confirmation from folks on here? Thanks p.s. I am upgrading to 15" from the factory original 14", the also makes the explorers the more common possibility.

The Ranger and Explorer shared a platform and basic design up through the 2001 model, after that the Explorer ran on its own platform. I’d say odds are pretty good that a 2001 or earlier Explorer would have the same lugnut pattern and wheel diameter as on a Ranger, but after that all bets are off…