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Car wont start

My car makes a rapid fire clicking sound. I’ve checked the battery connections and they seem fine. When I tried to jump start, the electronics inside start flashing to the same clicking sound. The check engine light is on. Thanks.

What shape is the battery in? Also check the other end of the battery connections, especially the ones to ground.

My first thought is that you have a bad starter, but it might be worse. What kind of car? year? make? model? engine size? miles?

Its a 2008 Volkwagen jetta with about 60000 miles on it.

What color is it?

Seriously, what have you tried doing?

Is the starter turning over the engine or just making a clicking sound? Did jump starting the engine help? Can you put a wrench on the pulley bolt on the end of the crankshaft and turn the engine by hand?

Do you have an automatic transmission or a manual?

had a friend look at it. New battery fixed the problem. thanks for the support.