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Do I have a problem with my 2008 Audi TT roadster with DSG, or is that just the way they work?


I love love LOVE my 2008 Audi TT front-wheel drive DSG roadster. It’s my second TT (the first was a 2000 quattro roadster I bought new in the UK), though I bought this 2008 used with under 30,000 miles on it.

My question is about the DSG transmission. When I’m parked in my sloping driveway, nose pointed down (maybe a 10% grade) and put it into reverse, if I don’t apply the gas immediately it can roll forward (downhill) anywhere between 1 and 10 feet before “catching.” If I don’t wait, sometimes I still have problems “feathering” the gas pedal so that it doesn’t feel like I’m a novice manual clutch driver – it feels like I need to apply more gas and feather the clutch. Put another way, it lurches a bit and feels like it’s about to stall.

I’ve had two different Audi dealers tell me this is normal. Is it really?

Thanks – and really enjoy the show!

You might post this on an Audi or VW forum, they’ll have lots of experience with the DSG. That said, this sounds consistent with some of the reviews of VWs of that period with the DSG.

Can you give the motor some gas to bring the revs up after you select reverse and either have the parking brake on or your left foot on the brake. Once reverse engages you should be able to revert to normal operation of the car.