'Do "Fast and Furious" Movies Cause a Rise in Speeding?'


The real point and the one relevant to the subject of this thread is “how did we get brainwashed into being ashamed of being old?”. In other cultures, being old is a badge of honor. Did Hollywood do this to us? Did Madison Avenue do this to us? If they can make us desire and own cars that are as impractical and ridiculous as women’s high heel shoes, I’m sure they can make us ashamed of our age also.


The only people I know who are ashamed of getting old are vain. They lie about their age and their real age is a source of shame.

Even as a child, I appreciated that getting old is better than the alternative, so I’ve embraced aging. I don’t dye my hair or use products to slow my receding hairline and I act my age by not fawning over women young enough to be my daughters.


I’m not rich or handsome so why are young ladies attracted to me? Because I remind them of their Father or now days their Grandfather. Dang it!


No offense Sarge, but you might be slowing down a little too. This topic was beaten to death 5 months ago.


Old people have slower reaction times. You should be more understanding of this prob… hey, why is Sarge coming at me with a club? :wink:


I know that. What possible harm is taking one more swing when the horse is already dead?


Yeah I agree it’s good exercise.


bikeforums has a dynamic emoji of a fellow beating a dead horse.


I’ve seen that one or one like it. LOL