'Do "Fast and Furious" Movies Cause a Rise in Speeding?'


This debate reminds me of a difference of opinion I had with a 3d year law student who explained to me that a military 30-06 round was far superior to all other rifle rounds because the bullet was shaped similar to an airplane wing which resulted in a steady climb in its trajectory in the first several hundred yards. When I asked about the effects on the bullet spinning his explanation went off into the blue. But then will he ever defend anyone for shooting someone a mile away with a 30-06?


How little firearms technology has changed since 1906, which is what the “06” in .30-06 stands for. It uses the same .308 diameter spitzer bullets loaded in 7.62 NATO rounds.
There is a common urban legend that the Japanese purposely designed the Arisaki rifle to shoot .311 diameter bullets to make the ammo one way compatible with 7.62 Nato rounds, but I don’t think so. First of all, the .311 diameter was shared with .303 British and the ammo used in the Argentinian Mauser, and secondly, there are better ways to make ammo one way compatible. Just make the case a little too long to chamber in the enemy’s guns. That’s the only reason the .357 Magnum case is 1/10 of an inch longer than a .38 special case, to prevent people from putting .357 magnum ammo in .38 special pistols. However, a .357 magnum pistol will shoot .38 special ammo all day long.


Yes. The Japanese 7.7X58mm rifle being designed to also fire the 7.62X 63mm .30-06 is a total myth. The 5mm (.20 inch) difference in case definitely prevents the .30-06 cartridge from chambering in any 7.7X58mm Japanese. I am also prone to mistakes. I doubt The WW2 Japanese would have known about the 7.62X51mm NATO round which entered service in the late 1950s. By the way, even though most of us have interests and knowledge beyond cars, we should give Carolyn a break (brake?) and get back to them.


If a technology remains basically unchanged for over 100 years, it either means that we got it right 100 years ago or there have been no breakthroughs relevant to the technology in 100 years. Would modern EFI be possible if the transistor or large scale integrated circuits had never been invented? Without that breakthrough invention, our cars would still be using mechanical points, we would still have carburetors with a plumber’s nightmare of vacuum hoses to meet emission standards. Electric cars would still control the motors with a large rheostat.
But nobody’s invented anything better than nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin based powders or anything better than lead stiphnate based primers and so the technology has stalled.

We were skiing and my wife paid for a small lift only ticket when she was eligible for a free 70 and over ticket. My god! How did they brainwash us into being ashamed of being old?


OTOH, I look at it like why should we pay any less than someone younger? What makes age a determination of price? (pssst, it’s just an ageism thing to keep the market segment happy)

I am convinced though that there is some young engineering student out there somewhere that is bent on finding a replacement for the wheel and heaven help us when he/she/it does. Maybe it’ll be the advantages of riding on a cushion of air and won’t need winter tires anymore. What do we care, we won’t be driving anyway?

Like they used to say on the radio “that’s another good hour you’ve wasted”.


I think reduced prices for seniors is because of fixed income.


'Cause we’ve paid our dues, and we don’t party late at night and tear up the cabins.
Also, when you see the ski patrol talking to someone saying “you do that one more time and I’m cutting your ticket”, it’s usually some kid.


I can see it now. A national “good neighbor” card where we can get points for not causing trouble and paying our dues, then those points can give us discounts like gas credits at the grocery store. Maybe an electronic version of the old ration books so we could get four tires for the price of two because we are old, paid taxes, and stayed out of jail.

I guess I should have added a smiley face or something on my comments, but really it’s starting to make less and less sense to me. More like greedy old people shoving people out of line and trying to get every penny they can. I wish I were a cartoonist. “Out of my way sonny, I get that last piece of pie because I’m old”.


There’s no law that makes anyone give seniors a discount that I know of, it’s just a gesture of good will done voluntarily by many businesses.
Trust me, I’d love to be 40 again, when I could ski from the time the lifts opened to the time the lifts closed, even though I would have to pay full price for a lift ticket.


Yeah I’m not stupid. I know there is no law, and I know why businesses do it. My point was I think it is a lousy precedent-based on age. On the one hand you (not you personally) want to restrict drivers licenses to older people, but then think it is perfectly fine to insult them with 10 cents off on a cup of coffee.

Maybe you can tell I don’t believe in age restrictions. I was perfectly capable of driving at 12 years old but had to wait until 16. I was paying my own way in college at 17 but couldn’t go down and buy a beer once a week. Not to belabor a silly discussion but I think we reduce individualism for ageism and never give it a second thought.

I think Microsoft is screwing with me again. That’s another subject though-MS, FB, Twit, etc.


Try buying life insurance or applying for a job when you’re 70.


If someone needs life insurance at 70, they have a lot bigger problems than the high premium.


Or the cost is too prohibitive to design something else.


My home town got serious about attracting seniors @Bing. They drastically increased the homestead exemption on homes. I pay 80% less each year than my neighbors. But when we drive we listen to Ferrante & Teicher while driving more sedately than all the immature motorists listening to that racket that’s popular these days.


I can’t really tell who is old anymore or what age is senior. Seems like 70 is still young and 80 means you maybe golf more than before.

At any rate as a senior, I have to take the long view standing back a little. I’m happy your property taxes have been reduced but I suspect the money your kids will inherit will need to be applied to cover the difference. No free ride in the US of A. If you don’t pay, someone else does.


The federal, state and local governments have developed such a grand shell game that even with close attention being payed we can’t really tell where the pea came from and where it ends up. But the Romans had it all figured out long ago, panem et circenses these days is a relative cornucopia of support agencies and I understand free broad band has been proposed by someone splashing around in that swamp.

But I feel somewhat confident that if there ever was a final accounting I would be among those due some small stipend. Of course as usual opinions vary.


Yep we’ll all be there for that final accounting. Might be interesting.

I didn’t mean to make more of this than it is. But I like to pay my own way. Even on a free will offering, I’d like to know what the expectation is. It just seemed a little backward and insulting that I should get a discount on a cup of coffee, doing nothing and able to afford it, when next to me a 40 year old trucker just in from a 500 mile jaunt would have to pay full price.



Very often they do. But high premiums won’t help old people with their “bigger problems” . High premiums will just make old people suffer more.

When we’re younger our incomes rise annually, often faster than inflation.
When we’re older, inflation continues to climb… but our incomes often don’t.
Give us a break. Even if the break’s real purpose is to get us to continue as customers.

And Bing, when you’re offered a senior discount, don’t be insulted. Make a joke of it. Enjoy it.

I have well-grayed hair. True story: One day with a ladyfriend I was trying on cowboy hats, trying to decide what color looked better. The lady at the booth (it was a fair) said she used to work in a high-end men’s clothing store, and they used to decide color selections based on the man’s hair color. She then asked innocently “what color WAS your hair”? I’ve never laughed harder, and will always remember the incident with a laugh.


Don’t take me too seriously. I was having a career discussion with the banker once when I was a sophomore and he was encouraging banking. He said you’ll never see a rich banker, but you’ll never see a poor retired banker. That was because they may not pay as high as someone else but banks save money for their employees heavily so they have it in retirement. My own non-banking experience was a pretty flat income for the last ten years of work but had more money once retired. I see a lot of retired folks with plenty of money to go south with and spend. So don’t discount trying to sell a retired person something because you think they have no money.


You may have heard of this proposal the White House is considering; 5G is as fast as broadband.

‘Federal 5G Network Proposal Is Panned by F.C.C. and Industry’

They may have met a dishonest salesperson.

As to senior discounts, I leave them to the needy.