Do engine treatments like Slick 50 really work?

Dupont doesn’t own or make Slick 50, right?

Correct. But they own the patent name to Teflon…which is the active ingredient in Slick-50.

But Dupont wasn’t “the creator of Slick-50”, right?

edit - thanks for the correction. The last sentence should be ‘Now Slick 50 uses the chemical name (PTFE)’, right?

Moving too fast. Thanks.

Say what you will but my 2000 Dakota has had 3 Slick 50 treatments and the engine is going strong at 333,000 miles.

It’s probably got nothing to do with using the slick 50


Say what you will, but I have driven countless work trucks with over 250,000 miles–on the original engine without being rebuilt–and none of my employers have ever used “Slick 50” or similar products. We do, obviously, change the oil regularly, use brand-name oil filters, and full synthetic oil.

In fact, my current work truck had 219,000 miles on it when it was assigned to me last year. Now it just reached 233,000 miles, and still runs well.

You’re statement is anecdotal because you didn’t use a control.

Unless you bought two new Dakotas and drove both under the exact same driving conditions, one without Slick 50 and one with Slick 50, and the one with Slick 50 had the engine last longer than the one without, then your statement may be valid.

Otherwise, it means nothing.



This an eleven year old thread but I say there is no snake oil then or now that will replace worn out metal parts on the engine. :upside_down_face:


I doubt Mcparadise cares as he has not been on this Forum in 10 years.

I owned a 1990 Pathfinder (over 300k miles)…1998 Pathfinder with close to 500k miles. Wifes 2 Honda Accord with over 300k miles and NON of them used Slick-50. Never will use that snake oil. Even the inventor of Teflon (main ingredient in Slick-50) says it wont work in this type of application.

I was taking the train from Southern Illinois back to Indiana. The older man that was seated next to me was reading a paperback book. After he finished a page, he would tear off the bottom half, wad it up, and throw it on the floor. Curiosity got the best of me and I finally asked him why he did that. “it keeps elephants from charging into the side of the train”, he said. I then said, “There aren’t any elephants around here”. “Works pretty good, doesn’t it”, he replied.
I feel the same way about testimonials about Slick 50, STP and other miracle snake oils.


I know this is very old but these statements always amuse me. Years ago a good friend was the Fire Chief and he was asking me about a miracle electronic devise to prevent rust on the vehicles. Even after I poo pooed it, he still was not convinced that they shouldn’t buy it. Police and Fire and other government organizations are simply made up of people from the general public. They can be as gullible as anyone else. They have no great “experts” on staff, nor have they done testing or experimentation. Think about it.

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Heh heh. I remember sharing a paper back with the wife on a long flight. I tore it in half so she could read the first part and I could read the rest. The plane never crashed. Musta worked.


These electronic devices actually work…but NOT on cars. Inground pipes is it’s main application.