Slick 50 and 5.7 Hemi 2007

The dealer said i should not add this to my engine the last time I was there getting my oil changed. Can you tell me why? He said it would be detrimental to the Hemi engine. Is this true and what are your thoughts on this? That engine used to get 14 to 15 miles to the gallon and now it is averaging 10.5.

I seem to recall that the Slick 50 adds said they have teflon additive. I went to their website to confirm my memory and they no longer mention that, only that they have a “proprietary chemistry” added.

Teflon, polymerized tetraflourethelyn, has one of the lowest coefficients of friction known to man. However it will not stand up to metal on metal shear. Not even close. Slick 50 used to claim that it would adhere to surfaces and reduce friction, however if it does adhere (and I have no reason to doubt that) the only thing it’ll accomplish is to possibly reduce small passeges such as those that fill your hydraulic lifters.

As with most additives, you’re wasting your money. And any additive that adheres to surfaces I personally would avoid unless the engine was designed to use it.

I’ve done and seen no lab testing on Slick 50. But I’m not an advocate of additives except to solve a known problem in a known way or to try to stretch the life of an old beater.

Thank you, does anyone want to buy a bottle of slick 50?

Just curious . . . what did you pay for the snake oil? Rocketman

It seems to me it was around 20 to 30 dollars.

If you still have the receipt, and if the bottle is unopened, you can probably return it.

Many years ago, I asked my mechanic about Slick 50. He told me that he put some in the crankcase of a Lincoln that he was fixing up for himself. The Lincoln looked somewhat shabby, but it ran nicely, despite having a lot of miles on the odometer. The next day, the Lincoln’s engine seized.

As he said, there was no way that he could prove that Slick 50 was at fault, but after that one incident, he refused to add it to anyone’s crankcase when they brought their cars in for oil changes.