Do Bronze Rims Look Good on other Cars than JDM?

here is a thought. they sell a peelable spray paint for rims. you can try the color you like and see how it looks. if you do not like it, you can peel it off. if you do like it, you can buy rims that color. I am not sure how long it last if you just leave the paint on the rim. but at least you will see how the car looks in that color.

Rust-Oleum Automotive 11 oz. Peel Coat Blasted Metal Copper Peelable Rubber Coating Spray Paint (6-Pack) 311257 (

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I went to the link you included and WOW, it almost seem “permanent”

They say the vehicle can be washed in an automatic car wash, it withstands cracking or becoming brittle in hash elements, snow, rain, sleet, etc… and it’s “easiest” to remove it if it’s removed within 6-months…

Judging from the numerous entries from the members complaining about the elimination of oil-based auto paints with water soluble, it just might last longer than a modern factory paint job…

Plastidip make a similar product.