Do Bronze Rims Look Good on other Cars than JDM?

I own a dark red opel sedan and ive been thinking about getting bronze colored rims but im worried if they fit on euro cars… i know it has roots in Japanese car culture but ive seen in on few euro cars aswell, What do you think?

I haven’t seen an Opel in 40 years.

I myself think bronze colored wheels would look nice on a dark red car, depending on the style of wheel.

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Since this is mostly a USofA site with very few members that are familiar with what ever year and model Opel you have you might not get many replies. I do know that a lot of after market wheel sellers have a feature on their web site that will show what the wheel will look on certain vehicles. If you have a local wheel shop they might set on by your vehicle so you can see it.

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I’m not a fan of that look, if we’re voting here. Maybe it would have been a bit better during the period of time when some cars came with gold lettering instead of silver.

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It really doesn’t matter what I think, only what you think about bronze wheels on your red car. Only you need to be happy with how it looks.

There are lots of bronze wheels on the market for virtually any car, not just JDM cars.


Go to, pull up a similar car in a similar color, and see if you like how bronze rims look to you (the only person that matters).
Wheels for 2022 BMW 330i Sedan (

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My 82 camaro had bronze rims. Blue car. Looked ok. Terrible tires.

Bronze rims … wondering how the color is applied. If just a surface coating, seems like it will chip off pretty quickly and detract from the wheel’s appearance.

It can work on any car, more how the bronze works with the color of the car. Could either have your current wheels powder coated or painted bronze or buy a set of custom wheels in bronze that fit.

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Most every alloy wheel is painted or powder coated. Even ones that look like aluminum. Most of the shiny aluminum wheels are clear coated. It prevents corrosion.

The bronze color is paint.

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They sure do!

Why do you even care what others think? It’s you car do what you like. After all it isn’t like you are installing something illegal.


Your car, your money.
‘Beauty in the eye of the beholder’ has a literal meaning: that the perception of beauty is subjective - people can have differing opinions on what is beautiful. So what one person perceives as flawless and captivating might be ordinary or unappealing to another.

I’m sure the folks who buy every crappy aftermarket accessory from aisle 9 at Walmart and then festoon their car with it believe that this junk looks good on their car–even though everyone else thinks that their car looks ridiculous.


For a few weeks, there was a taxicab yellow Humvee parked a couple of miles from my home. As if the color wasn’t jarring enough, the vehicle’s owner had apparently bought every bit of chromed aftermarket accessories that existed, and then “decorated” the Hummer with them.

I’m not exaggerating when I estimate that he must have hung about 50 lbs of that junk on the Hummer. I’m sure he was of the opinion that it looked good.

Some Camaros had them, too:

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I’m sorry Mustangman, your theory is only correct until the friends, neighbors, associates, and even strangers on the street start asking, “Why did you do that? It looked fine before.”

There are so few folks with the “backbone and self-esteem” who have the fortitude to withstand criticism, no matter how well intended it is…

And since the OP is asking for other’s opinion, I do not believe, he’s ready to become the center of attention.

When I repainted my '84 Ironhead Harley Sportster from its original Red to Candy Apple Red with a silver base coat and fine metal flake, you cannot believe the folks who said it would have looked so much better with a gold base coat or with large metal flake.

But I absolutely agree and endorse you when you say, “Only you need to be happy with how it looks.”


Sadly, that is spot-on… especially with younger folks.

So did my 79 Jeep “Golden Eagle”. I guess they were technically “golden” instead of bronze.

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Nice. I wonder if the OP’s referring to the dark brown ‘bronze’ color. I’m not a fan of that, wheels should attract attention, not hide, like dark/black wheels do. IMO, of course…