Diyer or mechanic comment


name any vehical out there.that you would not buy because it to difficult to work on.


Apollo era rovers left on the moon…


( Name all vehicles being made that you would avoid because of the difficulty of repair . )

There I fixed it for you. And the list will include almost any vehicle that has ever been made .


Anything that says, “Mini” or “Yugo” on it or anything requiring the purchase of Whitworth spanners. :anguished:


A lot can be said about a Yugo, but compared to todays cars, it was very easy to work on.
And that was a good thing, considering how often you had to work on it.
And yes, I have worked on several Yugo’s - even prepped and painted one.
Besides that, parts for them were dirt cheap here.

Easy answered:
Anything from this century


anything made by Lamborghini.
It’d be too difficult to keep me from driving it to do any work on it…


Anything where you need a scan tool to bleed the brakes.


I couldn’t care less how difficult they are to work on since I’m paying someone else to do it.


Agree with old_mopar_guy, but if I’m going to work on it, 1972 or older.
I limit myself to cabin air and intake air filters, wiper blades, and light bulbs.


Let’s do things a little differently . . .

Tell us what vehicle you’re thinking of buying, and we’ll give our opinions


I’ve always been convinced the GM actually has “difficulty enhancement engineers” on their staff, and it appears that Nissan has hired some of them away from GM. But all vehicles have things that could have been made a lot easier with just a little better engineering.


Cars are engineered for the “typical” owner. This owner does little or none of his own maintenance and, as we’ve seen here all too often, may not even check his oil level.


True, but difficulty enhancement means the job takes longer, so labor is higher and the owners ends up paying more.


_____________________ (Fill in the blank with any make/model/model-year) that has gone through several winters in any of the northern/eastern rust belt/road salt areas.


The “typical” owner may not be one who squeezes a nickel till the Buffalo sh*ts. (Are there still Buffalos on nickels?)


Are there still nickels?


I’m typical. I do that. How’d you think I could afford that nice old Grand Prix and what’s that I’ve got all over my hands?


My wife squeezes cash so hard that all the dead presidents run screaming from the room when she walks in.


Whitworth is needed for my triumph motorcycle, had it since 79, 1/32, 1/64th Maybe I
recall incorrectly I seem to remember some 1/72 sockets I can find something that fits, or else a crescent/monkey wrench or vice grips. Is 1/72 a figment of my imagination?


I had a plumber friend years ago who said " vice grips, the wrong tool for everything, the right tool for nothing".