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Ditching the Miata Geeks

How can Jennifer sneak away from the Miata geeks-- including her very own husband? That was the automotive-relationship-marital conundrum this week on Car Talk. (You can hear her call with Tom and Ray right here


After four or five road trips with a posse of other Miata geeks, Jennifer's decided its time for something else-- anything else! Tom and Ray's guidance for breaking the news? Either start making up stuff ("Honey, I need to have a cyst removed that day") -- or tell him the cold, hard truth. ("Take your Miata and stuff it!")

What's your advice for dodging that spousal commitment that's just a bit too much? What have you done? Let us know!

Just do what my SO does. “I don’t want to go.”

Understand that this gives him a get-out-of-jail-free card to an event you want him to go to.

A number of years ago my husband purchased a 1952 MG and became a member of a number of car clubs. After numerous trips all over the country as a passenger, afraid to drive his “baby” I was getting bored. Then he bought a 47 MG to drive and I learned to drive the TD! That was more fun. My longest solo drive was from Duluth, MN to Dayton, OH and lived to do the return trip. My advice to Jennifer is to say, “I’d love to go dear, I want to drive”. After a trip or 2 as a passenger her husband will probably offer to go on his own or they will become a 2 Miata family!

I don’t understand why there’s a Miata club to begin with, and their trips sound pretty lame.

Buy a Mustang convertible and offer to driver along with their club, or join a local 'stang club and offer to take hubby for a ride.

I can imagine nothing worse than riding in a Miata (not driving it) while going down twisty roads - car sick city!

“Just say no!”

And Piter, your ignorance of cars and clubs is shining thought…

I’ve driven and ridden in a Miata. Had a chance to buy one for $3K once, but didn’t need a car at the time or I would have. I understand there is a Miata rally subculture. I just don’t get it. And I definitely don’t get the caravan thing. It sounds lame. If that makes me an ignoramus so be it.

I get the caravan thing…I get the camping thing…I even get the Miata club thing.

I just don’t care enough about any of them to participate. :slight_smile:

Now…get me on a bike, and we’re talking business.

She just needs her own Miata to drive. I assume they drive on some twisty roads for fun, and I can see how just riding along would be dull.

Driving is the fun part, no matter what car it is.

At the end of that segment, Car Talk played a song about a pickup truck. It was sung by 2 women. Does anyone know the name of the group/ song?

Boy! Did that hit home! Not for the Miata club…for the Non-Italian Wives Married to Italians Club of America!! Ten years ago when my husband and I were first dating, he suggested a weekend trip to Wimberley, TX, a quaint little town in the hill country where they have a weekend market days once a month. Off we went, myself in total bliss. Then next thing I know he tells me his son and girlfriend are spending the weekend there and we should go by to say ‘hello’. I didn’t think that was a good idea, but I’M NOT ITALIAN! Next thing I know, we are meeting with his daughter who also decided to spend the weekend in Wimberley along with his ex-wife! I was shocked that the cousins, aunts, and uncles weren’t there with the grandparents in tow! It was a reminder of a vow I made when I saw the Italian owner of a restaurant chasing his cook out of the building with a meat cleaver into a busy street…never marry and Italian! Too late…you guys keep life exciting and unpredictable!

Kellybuild, try this page to find the music you’re looking for:

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I love it. Jennifer thinks the miata club is a problem. I belong to a tractor club…my wife is requested to go on a 12mph club meeting…lol

What her husband needs to do is join a REAL sports car club and go to AutoX events every month! If I’m going to get up early on a weekend and drive for more than an hour there’d better be racing involved!