Distributor Housing

I recently change my starter motor,coil, and distributor cap for my 96 Honda Accord LX - 2.2 liter. My stupid friend took out the entire cap housing out of the valve casing, turned the ignition over and got my engine out of phase. How can I get it back in phase without a bunch of hassle?

With friends like that . . .

My service manual says “The lug on the end of the distributor shaft and its mating grooves in the camshaft end are both offset to eliminate the possibility of installing the distributor 180 degrees out of time.”

Ignition timing with a warm engine idling in neutral is 15 degrees (+/- 2) BTDC.

Here are pictures and stuff to show you how. You can download, and print, the instructions. http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c1528003a03b

only fits one way ,does not matter.

So if your friend is stupid then why did you let them work on it?

(And as mentioned, the dist. is a one-way deal. Your problem lies elsewhere)