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I need help with trouble shooting my honda. Yesterday while driving @ 55mph my car gave a jolt, and then no acceleration. I immediately pulled over , and turned off the car. It will turn over, but not start up, also replaced the ignition coil. I think it mite be the control module inside the distributor. The motor not getting any fire. Any suggestions as to what it could be??? Has 186k on motor.

Year, model and type of engine, please…

93 accord 2.2L 4 cylinder

How Much Time And How Many Miles Has Elapsed Since The Timing Belt Was Replaced ?

I don’t know if the distributor runs off the camshaft in your car, but looking with the distributor cap off, does the ignition rotor turn when somebody cranks the engine for you ?

If it’s not going around then that explains the lack of fire. That 2.2 L is an “interference” design engine and if it’s the timing belt that let go then it’s possible you have some pretty severe engine damage. (The pistons collide with the valves).


the distributor does run off of the camshaft. But the problem was the ignition control module. I replaced that and it started right up. I pulled the valve cover off to see if the timing belt broke, but it didn’t but did notice that the belt was loose so I figured it mite have jumped time. checked the timing marks and everything was still in time. So then I went back to the firing problem and changed out the control module and that fixed it. Thanks for helping