Disk Brake question

I am getting ready to replace the organic disk pads on my wife’s 2006 Honda Accord. I am going to replace with organic pads unless someone here suggests otherwise (i.e ceramic). She has no peddle pulse, indicating rotors are not true, when applying the brakes. My question is Should I still have the rotors resurfaced ?

There’s no sense in replacing or resurfacing perfectly good rotors. Those rotors are so thin anyways…they probably can’t be resurfaced.

I’d leave the rotors as-is. I have been replacing my rotors every other brake job.
Do be aware that you will not get full braking out of the new pads until they wear into the grooves of the rotors, since they are not resurfaced.

Thanks and I will not touch the rotors.
I have gotten mixed answers on brake pads so I would appreciate you weighing in on whether I should stick with buying organic or pay a little more money for ceramic brake pads?
Thanks again, Tom

Personally, I’d say with the OEM pads.

Me too, unless I wanted better braking and less pad wear, in which case I wouldn’t get ceramic either, but carbon-kevlar.

If the disc surfaces are not scored or glazed, leave the rotors on and reuse them without resurfacing. I do this routinely on my own vehicles without any problems.

I’ve never priced those. Are they expensive?

Of course, the problem with the combination of less wear and better braking is that the rotor’s life will usually be shortened (unless you put a better rotor on too).

I’ll stick with the ceramics. Why make the rotors sacrificial rather than the pads…unless, of course, I decide I need better braking…