Discontinued parts (AKA, why I want to sue GM)



They don’t have to be the same thing. Farm subsidies were cited as an example of the U.S. government deciding which crops should be grown. Ethanol subsidies, anyone?

Don’t get me started on market interference by decisions to release the strategic oil reserve.


Well I listen to them at night where it is mainly the BBC reporting. It’s not necessarily bias programming its in what news they choose to report and what they don’t choose to put on the program.

Going back to WW II when war was declared on us, and rationing? I guess I was talking this century. I don’t think many though would support the feds forcing GM to produce parts for a product line that has been discontinued and many courts would agree that they are liable if they fail to provide parts on a defunct car line. Maybe if war was declared on us and the DD decided we needed Saturns for the public good, I’d have to concede.

Point again was we don’t have central production planning for manufacturing from the feds. So if they redesign products or discontinue products, that is kind of the end of the line. Of course they buy and stockpile drugs, body bags, respirators and other products for emergency use, but that’s not central production planning. I’d rather they would require MS to maintain old computer software for defense than car parts. That is really a problem since old documents may not be able to be accessed with new software.


That’s one thing I’ve always liked about PBS vs other news…they report on things other news stations don’t. Or report on them first. They tend to stay away from the fluff or meaningless news that many other stations seem to focus on. I find their new much more accurate. They also have in-depth segments on very important topics of the day.

BBC is also good, but it’s from an outside perspective and they don’t always report on things they deem unimportant, yet it is very important to the people in the US. But it is always good to get a different perspective.


You sir may have the last word.


Nobody is going back to WWII. Farm subsidies and the strategic oil reserve are both currently in place.