Disconnecting LoJack

I bought a used car that has LoJack installed. How do I disconnect it? If I just cut the wires, will I disable the car? Thank you.

I don’t think it would be prudent to post information on how to disable LoJack on a public BBS. What’s your beef anyway? Is it draining your battery? My suggestion is to go to a place that installs them, prove you are the new owner and ask then to remove or disable it.

TwinTurbo is right. If I knew how to disable LoJack, I would not make it public knowledge. My car has LoJack and I want it to work if the car is ever stolen.

Maybe if you explained why you want to remove it we could help you find another way to solve your problem.

Especially with the screen name “ferret”. My buddy has one of those, it steals something from me every time I go over there.

Yes, it is draining my battery.