Disappointed in Ford...guess I'll buy foreign next

My 2011 Ford explorer Limited paint is peeling off on the hood and passenger side door (both).This is ridiculous being I own a 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer that shines like all out doors.I said thàt to say this my vehicles are well maintained. In the market for a new càr. I guess I’ ll go foreign.Stop buying and I bet they will fix the problem or go out of business.There is strength in numbers.

We seem to see more paint complaints On Pacific rim vehicles than domestic.

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And how do you define ( foreign ) ? Toyota - Honda - Nissan - BMW all have factories in the US . Some US badged vehicles are made over seas .

Have you talked to your local dealer to see if there is some factory help for this . Also this problem can happen to any brand.

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I’ll add a few more… Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, VW, Volvo, Subaru, and Mazda.

Ford did have paint problems, go to a Ford forum and see if folks there had any luck getting help from Ford on repairs.

My Honda was built in Alabama (USA).

My Dodge was built in Canada, presumably by Canadians.

My Mazda was built in Mexico.

How do you figure that? Does it really matter where/by whom the car was built?

Here are Cartalk discussions about Ford paint problems:

There are plenty of (fill in the make and model) running around here with faded or peeling paint.

As for “foreign” you should realize that quite a few of the components of Ford/GM/Chrysler cars are foreign made.

It could be that due to environmental regulations paint formulas had to change. You mention paint off of the hood and both passenger side doors. That leads me to wonder if the passenger side of the vehicle faces the sun a lot. Combined with a paint formula change; who knows.

Ford has your money already. They are good.

Almost all SUVs ar assembled in North America. We buy most of them, and they might as well build close to market to keep transportation coasts down.

I guess I should have given up on Honda sooner.
My 1975 Civic, 1981 and 1988 Accords were all repainted ~10 y.o.
My 1985 Accord was stolen before It reached that age.

Yeah my Acuras were built in Ohio. The transmissions though were from Japan. My Pontiac was from Michigan. If I had to rate one Acura deficiency though it would be the paint. Not that it doesn’t stick but more the orange peel effect. It’s a little nerve wracking to get a new car and then color sand and polish to flatten the orange peel but we takes the good with the bad.

Still that Ford is 9 years old and yeah time to time having trouble with the water based paint and primer sticking.

It is a dirty little secret that brand new cars are not infrequently damaged in transit or on the dealer lot, repaired, and sold as new without disclosing the damage. The repainting job may not be up to snuff and may fail prematurely. Given that the peeling is limited to just two panels, this may be what you are experiencing. However, your vehicle is 9 years old, so all sorts of environmental factors may be involved.

There’s also the car wash factor. I know it can be quick and easy but some of those car washes have some pretty high pressure behind that soapy water.

One I go to now and then has somewhat low pressure so it does take some manual scrubbing.
Another one across town has water pressure that will peel skin off. Literally. It’s high enough that it’s near impossible to hold the wand with one hand. Imagine what that does to paint.