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Disappearing Cruise Control

While driving cross country a couple months ago, I discovered my the cruise control on my 99 Subaru Legacy isn’t working. I rarely used it before–might have been easily 6 months ago.

This model has a push-button on the dash for cruise control. That works (lights up), but the steering wheel lever doesn’t do anything to set the speed, etc…

I wonder if there’s any correlation with a problem I’ve been having with my turn signals? Several months ago, one started blinking very fast. I changed the bulb in the front and rear blinkers. A brake light on the other side blew out soon after. The fast blinker continued, and I had a good mechanic check it out-- he replaced the bulbs also, which worked for awhile.

Within a week, I discovered the cruise control problem. But like I said, the CC might have been broken for longer.