Disabling someone else's car alarm

Hypothetically speaking, how might one disable the alarm on a car parked in front of your house that keeps going off in the middle of the night? I mean, without smashing the window in order to pop the hood and remove the negative battery terminal.

Call the police very time it happens.

If it’s a decent system…there really isn’t a way without vandalizing the vehicle.

True Story…There was a mocking bird living in the Boston Common that mimicked a car alarm. I guess the bird was subjected to the same thing you are.

I remember a few years ago a couple somewhere in the Maryland suburbs of DC went on vacation and the car alarm went off for a week.
The police wouldn’t touch it.

See if the door unlocked, dont you watch TV??.. LOL

Hypothetically speaking, you might be a car thief looking for tips on how to bypass the alarm on the car you want to steal. Even if we know how to disable car alarms, we’d be foolish to tell you on a public internet forum.

If you have AAA, call them and say you locked the keys inside under the floor mat. They never check who the car belongs to. After they’ve shown up and inlocked the doors, feign surprise and say that the key must be elsewhere.
Pop the hood, disconnect the battery.

…hypothetically speaking, of course.

You mean without then serving prison time, correct?

You can only do so without serving prison time by talking with the owner and getting him/her to allow you to do so. Good luck with that.

I never see the owner, just the car. I doubt I’d get prison time, but probably a record.

Have you tried leaving a note on the windshield yet? You don’t have to sign it. You could start by being polite. A lot of people don’t even realize what they’re doing is causing problems.

I do believe this is a police matter. Disturbing the peace.

At least call them to find out who he is…Then either they can contact him…or you can get a lawyer and sue him for disturbing the peace.