Disabling 2011 Subaru Outback EPB system

Gee, Contacted Subaru of America and they said there was no problem with the EPB System, that has been in use since 2011…so why do they put an emergency EPB release TORX and handle in these vehicles? Brakes are locked up and, no, the emergency gizmo did not work…Looking for a way to disable the EPB system, as these vehicles have two independent systems, hydralic and electronic. Never use the EPB anyway!

Are you sure it is the EPB system that locked? The wrench doesn’t fix it so maybe the mechanism in the brake itself locked up. I’d check there before disabling it.

All four, forward and reverse?

I don’t think the electronic parking brake is the problem here if all four wheels are actually locked . Most of these systems only lock the rear wheels . The manual release is for those rare times the battery is dead enough that it supplies no power.

Had the Soobie taken to the dealership…Initial test show no codes, however the Manager says the vehicle is making a noise when the emergency is applied and is replacing the system. Waiting for parts to arrive.