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Disable 2003 Subaru Forester hill holder

Disable 2003 Subaru Forester hill holder

I’m not much for taking orders from unknown people for unknown reasons, but I couldn’t if I wanted to. I don’t have a Subaru.


You told me, not asked.
You wrote a command. Your sentence has an implied “You” at the start of it.
So, are you randomly ordering readers of this forum to disable their hill holders, or are you trying to make the statement that you have disabled your hill holder, or are you trying to ask how to disable the hill holder?

As it is, your statement is confusing.

Confusing? I dont know where you get any “You” mine simply reads…Disable hill holder

Please rewrite your question in a sentence. Maybe explain why or what is happening. It is very difficult to understand your statement.

thanks and there are folks who can help once we understand.

And here is yet another perfect example of a post by a car owner that gives us 0 information to help them in any way, shape, or form.


We get a little cranky when someone tries to ask a question and does not provide the necessary information. That said GUYS he did at least provide the year Forster he has and implied what his question was.

Sorry Bfulcumer, I no next to nothing about the Forster hill holder.

It might be helpful to tell us why you would like to disable it.  Yea we don't really need to know buy we try not to give information on how to disable a safety feature without being a good reason why you might need to do so.  There may be other options that will address your question and if we know more we might come up with a solution that maintains the safety factor and eliminates your underlying reason for not wanting it.

This is my first atempt to use this site. I had no idea that I may be wasting my time.
Anybody who has the most basic knowledge of cars knows what my question is.

picks up the gauntlet

I’ll see your “Disable 2003 Subaru Forester hill holder” and raise you a “loosen 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity proportioning valve.”

What you wrote is likely a perfect Google query but not readable by humans as well.

I bet you google gives you the answers. Good luck.

I have more than a basic knowledge of cars. I don’t know what your question is. Do you want us to tell you how to disable your hill holder, or do you want to know what COULD disable your hill holder so that you can fix it?

Further, if you want us to tell you how to disable a safety feature, you’re going to have to tell us why, for the same reason I’m not going to tell you how to disable the brakes or hotwire a car - - because so far I don’t know what your motive is here, and since it’s pretty improbable that someone would want to make their own car less safe, it becomes more likely that you’re planning to do this as a practical joke to someone else’s car.

I’ll change my question. Where did all the clowns come from???

I don’t know.

Where are you located?

You’re the only clown in this thread, and you created it, so…


After several posts I have no idea what, if any, symptoms are present and why you even want to disable it in the first place.

The Hill Holder has been a simple reliable feature and any problems with it are generally caused by something else; worn clutch, out of adjustment clutch, etc.

So do you mean it is disabled or you would like to disable it. I don’t know why you would want to disable it, although its easy enough a 4 year old could figure it out. But a 4 year old knows how to ask questions after all they question everything. By the way you made a statement and did not ask any question. If you don’t know how to ask we don’t know how to answer

Tip for OP: this board is read by actual human beings, it is not a database. We need things like punctuation, nouns, verbs, and modifiers to understand the ideas in your brain. Remember English class?

You have been extremely rude to the other users and owe them an apology.

I don’t think that the OP is reading any more of our responses.
He has taken his marbles and has gone home, since none of the other kids want to play the game by his rules.

It is truly unfortionate that this site has been taken over by a bunch of players.
You must be really proud!!

Ok. Are you truly this dense Bfulcomer?

This is a website where people “talk” to each other. True they do “talk” to each other by typing words rather than speaking them, but it is still just people communicating.

So try this today. Drive to a local auto repair shop. Go into the office, stand agt the counter and say: “Disable 2003 Subaru Forester hill holder”. See what happens next.

I’m not sure why you are finding this so difficult to understand.