Clutch (or gearbox?) Problem. Transmission gets stuck after pressing the clutch up

Hello together.
I don’t really know a lot about cars and English isn’t my first language, so sorry for some stupid sounding sentences.

I own an old 1997 Subaru Forester 2l manual.
I had my clutch changed and now I have following problem.
If I for example wait at a red light, after pressing the clutch and stopping the car, my car is blocked as if I would have pulled the handbrake. The engine keeps running in idle. If I want to start driving again, there is some sort of resistance that forces me to use higher rpm. It feels like starting to drive with that pulled handbrake. After the first moment, that resistance disappears and I can drive normally.

If I go into neutral and release and press the clutch before starting to drive this resistance isnt there either.

The clutch is totally functional, something just gets stuck.

Does anyone have an idea? I didn’t find all lot on that problem in the internet.

I can’t go back to my mechanic because he’s on the other end of Australia.
I’ve been driving with this issue for about 10000km now and nothing really changed since then.

Thank you and sorry for my engish.

I wonder if the brakes are causing the problem rather than the clutch/transmission. Does your vehicle have drum brakes in the rear, perhaps the springs are weak on the brake shoes or the hoses are preventing the brake fluid from releasing the brakes.
The time it takes you to shift into neutral and then back into low gives the brakes time to release.
This is just a wild guess.
When you find the cause pleas let us know what it was. Good Luck.

Two possibilities.

One is that the mainshaft snout on the transmission is boogered up and the throwout bearing is hanging up on some ridges. This is a common problem and is something that should be remedied while the transmission is out. The link below shows what I’m talking about.
Two is that the hill holder (if so equipped) is hanging up. Adjusting this should be part of a clutch job. Hope this helps and your English is fine…

Hill holder it was my first thought…

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Yep, seconded.

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Thank you for your fast aswers.
I figured out, that it only happens when I break. If I let the car roll until it is standing i don’t have any problems.

Hill holder sounds about right. I didn’t know that was a thing in old cars to be honest.

Do you have any idea what the excact issue could be? Is there a sensor? Thank you guys

I just had an idea.
My rear suspension is hanging through quite a bit (maybe 2 inches).
I dont know how a hill holder really works but is it possible that the car thinks i am going uphill because of that?
That still doest really explain why i need so much force release it tho.

A hill holder is simply a device that applies (usually rear) brakes at a stop. The idea is to make starting on a hill easier. I’m not sure about yours, but they are supposed to release as the clutch pedal is lifted, or the clutch is held in for 3 to 5 seconds. (Not sure if yours times out.) When on, it’s much like having the parking brake pulled.

I seem to recall Subaru was one of the early adopters. My '05 Dodge didn’t have one. If that’s the prob, maybe the clutch sensor is faulty. And, yes, it comes on when the car is at a full stop. You might see if yours times out. Park in a sloping drive, press in the clutch, and see if it starts to roll back in a few seconds? (That’s how mine works… your mileage may vary.)

It was infact the hill holder. I just put 2 washers under the bracket that is holding the hh. Now it isn’t activating anymore for no reason. I didn’t have the chance to test it on a hill yet, so I don’t know if it is still working at all. If it makes any more problems, I might just completely deactivate it by removing the cable.
Thank you guys, you’ve been a big help.

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Wonderful news!

Or you could just correctly adjust it.

I wonder when hill holders first were used. Our 1960 Lark had a hill holder.

My 66 Mustang had it.

The hill holder is adjustable and the angle of the car does have an effect on its operation.

There is a steel ball that rolls back against the port when the angle is something like 3 degrees if I remember correctly and maintains brake pressure when the brake pedal is released. Let the clutch pedal up and the ball is pushed off of its seat and releases brake pressure.

Rather than mess around with washers or disable why not just adjust it properly? Clutch wear, replacement of the clutch, cable stretch, etc all affects the hill holder so going out of adjustment due to those factors is entirely normal.